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Our equipment have been set up so as to serve the broadest possible range of requirements.

We pack on commission liquid plant protection products from 1 ml ampoules to 10 l canisters.

Ampoule filler, ...
Capping machine
Filling equipment
High radiofrequency ...
Ink-jet inscription ...
Ink-jet printer for ...
Ink-jet printer for ...
Labeling machine
PW 1000 ...
Type 3M 700A ...


In Fót, we are able to package plant protection products from volumes of 1.5 ml to 10 litres. Take a look at our plant >>
ZÖLDVARÁZS is a liquid leaf fertiliser containing a full series of macro and micro elements. It is perfectly suitable for the leaf fertiliser treatment of horticultural and plough field cultures to prevent and eliminate deficiencies of plant nutrients. It may also be used for soil fertilisation (especially for horticultural applications) and it can also be successfully applied to hydroculture. Details of Zöldvarázs >>
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Agro-Pack 96 Kft. possesses several years of experience in packaging and packing liquid plant protection products. Our objective is to become a definitive packaging partner for the domestic plant protection product market and to maintain this position on the long run. The most important values of our company, coming first in everything we do are quality, reliability, continuous innovation and flexibility. We pack liquid plant protection products from 1 ml ampoules to 10 l canisters.




Agro-Pack 96 Kft.

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