Agro-Pack 96 Kft.

The manufacturing site and headquarters of our company are located at 20 km from Budapest, in the city of Fót. In our building we have a plant for packing chemical plant protection agents, a plant for filling ampoules, a warehouse and office space. The focus of our activity is the packing of liquid plant protection agents and veterinary medicinal products. Since 2001 our company operates according to the ISO 9001 standard recommendations. Starting from 2006 we have obtained the license to manufacture veterinary medicinal products of external use. This activity is operated according to the GMP rules.

Quality policy

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. There must be a will to be able to provide the best service. ”
– John Ruskin

The concept of “QUALITY” means to us more than just the quality of products, compliance with the customer requirements, or expectations from suppliers. We look upon the quality assurance system introduced by us as a company management philosophy that results in business excellence. Our objective is to solve our task in a modern, economic, efficient manner with consistent quality for the satisfaction of our clients, while devoting proper care to the protection of the environment as per the EU directives. We regard upon quality as a the decisive factor of the long existence and development of our company.

To achieve this, we embarked on the following:

  • permanent improvement of product quality, in line with the expectation of our clients, the given legal framework and the various relevant EU directives,
  • we pay special attention to the safe technologies and solutions that are secure for the human health and friendly to the environment,
  • in the process of product marketing and operation of our plants, we endeavor to assure working conditions that are secure and do not represent a health hazard,
  • in the long run we try to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners,
  • when refining and/or improving our operations, we build upon and take into account the observations, opinions and suggestions of our customers and suppliers,
  • the flow of information makes good use of the advantages of IT, including electronic mail and the internet,
  • during training and retraining all employees become acquainted with the quality system, hence becoming involved in the conscious operation of this.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of her/his own work and should be engaged in permanent improvement of quality. Each manager should be committed into embarking on such a course.

Who we are

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