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The company Agro-Pack 96 Kft. has a more than two decades experience in the packing of various plant protection agents, and/or contract work involving packing of such chemicals. The main profile of our company is the packing of bulk liquid plant protection agents into smaller capacity packs, from ampoules to 20 liter reservoirs. Our vial filling equipment fills ampoules in the range of 1 – 20 ml. The overwhelming majority of our investments is aimed at refining and improving our manufacturing and packing capacity, so that we can comply with the ever more strict professional, quality, safety and environmental standards. We have also devoted considerable efforts to better implement the packing of liquid plant protection agents. As a result of these efforts, our company has now a packing production line that ensures the filling of the substances with high productivity and no need for human intervention. This is followed by closure with high radiofrequency and guarantee cap. This production line may be used for fillings in the range of 50 ml – 10 liter. Labeling of the products is done with a circular labeling machine, that is also amenable to place booklet type labels. The required special information (date, batch, etc.) is inscriptioned with ink-jet printers.

Our Plants and equipment

Our equipment have been set up so as to serve the broadest possible range of requirements.
We pack on commission liquid plant protection products from 1 ml ampoules to 10 l canisters.

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